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MS: Basil Lancelot by xXScarletStarletXx MS: Basil Lancelot by xXScarletStarletXx

❣Name: Basil Lancelot (ℬaƧḭℒ  ℒaŋꜿǝℒøȶ )
❣Age: 23
❣DoB: Febuary 14
❣Height: 6'0"
❣Gender: Male
❣Nationality: French-Canadian (Born and raised in Quebec)

❣Personality: Basil is literally the "Nice guy" He is very polite and likes to treat everyone like a younger sibling. He doesn't like to fight and constantly apologizes if he thinks he did something bad. He is always out to help people and wants nothing in return, he likes to give advice on anything but relationships since he's never had a girlfriend himself. He will act like a tusundere sometimes.

❣Biography: Growing up Basil was part of a big family, him being the oldest of 5 sisters. He had a pretty normal life, of course high school was a pain trying to keep his marks up with the goal of becoming a veterinarian, he didn't really interact with his siblings until his mom died of lung cancer from smoking while he was 17. It shoke the whole family up, the dad wanted to do nothing but work trying not to think about his wifes passing. After that he had to take care of his sisters while his dad went to work teaching himself how to cook, clean ect. When he finished high school he had to wait 2 years for his sisters to be able to take care of themselves before going off to College. There he ended up working at a pet store while at college inorder to pay the rent.


❣Magical Name: Cosmic Fern

❣Color: Eton Blue

❣Quote: "I will protect you ti'll my last breath"

❣Heart Gem: Basil's heart gem is a braclet that his mother wore before she died, he keep's it close to him at all times and almost never takes it off. It is the last thing that he has of his mothers, Yuth imbeded the heart gem into this knowing that he would keep it safe and never lose sight to whats important.

☆ [Yuth],[Cat], [Angelus Gender:♀], [Link to ref if available]

→Angelus Bio:
Yuth (Youth) is a very carefree Angelus but never failed to get the job done. Back on her home planet Yuth was a Caretaker of the younger Angelus (a baby sitter) she alway's prided herself on protecting the young ones and on the day there home was attacked she made sure all the young ones fled first before leaving herself. Since she left later it made her land on earth much later then the other Angelus, she very much wanted to explore the planet to see if any of the young ones landed here but her energy was too low and she knew she had to find a partner quick.

It was a rainy day as Basil left the Pet Shop he forgot his umbrella at the apartment and was regretting it now. "Gee. Thats just great" he said to himself quickly turning around he waved at the shop keeper and started heading off home. "I really got to check the weather reports before I leave" quickly turning the corrner he stopped to see a box full of black and brown kittens saying 'To a good home' the little guy's were meowing and shaking "Seriously? Someone just left you guy's in the rain?" Quickly Basil took off his sweater and put it over the box and picked it up running back to the pet store "I'm sure the old man will find you guy's a new home he said warmly to the kittens.

"Boss!" Basil yelled knocking on the door praying that the owner was still there. Sure enough he was just finishing closing the pet store "Now Now what is it? Did ya forget your backpack again or did'ya see a stuning babe and have to point her out to me?" The old man asked with a laugh "N-NO!" Basil's face turned red "N-NO! OF COURSE NOT!" he yelled "HAHAHAH! I know I know I'm just teseing you my boy!" The old man howled laughing "So what is it ya need?"

"I found these kittens on my way home and figured you might want to take them" Basil explained "Ahhh I see hmmm well I can't take all of them, you should take one for now ti'll theres more room in the shop" The old man grunted "Si'des this one seams to like you" Basil looked to see which one his boss was talking about, he was very confused since there was suddenly a yellow kitten that wouldn't stop staring at him in the box "Odd I don't remember a yellow one in there.." he picked the little kitten out of the box "It's settled then!" the old man said with a smile

After returning to the apartment building with the yellow kitten and a bag full of pet supplies he opened the door to his empty appartment "I'm home!" he said to no one, it was a habbit back home when returning from work so his sisters would alway's run downstairs and greet him with a sigh he sat on the couch putting the kitten on his lap "Well I wonder what I should call ya?" he said to himself "My name is Yuthinal Catsandra but you may call me Yuth if you please" the cat said as she got up to streach "Ahhh I see so Yuth it- Wait.... WHAT!" he quickly jumped up when the cat talked. Quickly jumping to the floor Yuth looked up to the boy who was now standing on the couch looking at her his face spoke everything to her. "I need your help" She said calmly "W-What?" Basil responded his body stiffened 

"Allow me to explain from the begining..."

Right now Basil and Yuth are still in the same appartment they have been togeather for about 2 months now. Basil is still attending College and while he's not studying or working Yuth tells him stories of her home planet and makes him practice just getting his heart gem to glow. They are living comfterably with each other and Basil is slowly getting use to the fact Yuth talks.

Weapon: Sheild
✄→Name: Liulfr (Means Sheild Wolf)
✄→Description: A medium sized sheild that is attatched to Basils left arm it has floating balls of eton blue colored light that circle around the sheild.

Attack:No SP attack yet
Skill:No SP skill yet
Bullet; Purple→Name: Star Shield
Bullet; Purple→Description:The circles that float around Liulfr extends into a giant square force feild that blocks all physical attacks from an enemy infront of him. It can also be used as an umbrella for when Basil leaves his at home.
:bulletred:→Name: Cosmic Shield
:bulletred:→Description: More orbs appear around Liulfr and then blast off towards targeted ally protecting them from one enemy attack. It takes time to recharge though.


-Has peach fuzz on his chin
-Isn't sure whether he likes girls or guy's
-Can speak fluent english and french
-Likes to read and watch anime and Manga
-Has a tattoo on his left arm
-Has a fear of heights
-Is a good singer and likes to make music on the side

♥ His sister's- Loves them to bits and likes to spoil them a lot when he gets the chance

✄Character Themes:
(More to come)

His voice
Character Song
Everyday life
A day out on the town
Somethings not right
Call me Later
Thinking of the past
Character Song
Main theme
Home sick

Op? Song
Tomorrow is a new day
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MShounen Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
You have gained +40 stat points for completing Spooky Shounen! Wonderful Job!
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Congratulations! You have leveled up to STELLAR POWER LEVEL 2! Here are your gains.

☆ 1+ Additional Magical Move (ATK/DEF/SKL) 
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Remember to update your profile! Keep working hard, Super Soldier!
NixxiJun-Misfit Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
he is cool!<3
gaybun Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hellooo! :iconjunesplz: I am here to give you your app check! First off thanks for applying and making an app, we are happy you are interested! There is only a few things I want to point out that we think may need to be fixed.

Your character's mahou name is good, but it doesn't quite follow the naming rule! The "Cosmic" part is fine, but the second half of a soldier's name should imply their color somehow. So instead of "Protector", he will need something that implies the color of eton blue! Maybe something like "melon", "leaf", "grass", etc! It just has to denote that his color is a shade of green.

Other than that, your app is lovely!! Good luck!
xXScarletStarletXx Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahaha Thanks ^^; Fixed that up
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